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Bare Knuckle FC
Bare Knuckle FC@bareknucklefc
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Looking for some behind the scenes access to #BKFC14? Check out @SusanCingari & her amazing Youtube channel! She puts out some of the best BKFC content around and hope all of our fans subscribe to her Youtube Channel today!
Campbell Mclaren
Campbell Mclaren@campbellcombate
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@SusanCingari you are the greatest.
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If you're following me and not following Susan you neet to get your act together. She is the best reporter imo for your #bareknucklefc pleasure 😄😄😄 Check her out on Youtube and sub as well 👇👇👇🤜🔥🤛
PG Sports
PG Sports@PGSports
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Previous Winners 👊 2017- @SusanCingari, 2018 - @MeganOlivi, 2019- @laura_sanko, 2020 - @microphonephoen
Bare Knuckle Management 2.0
Bare Knuckle Management 2.0@bkbmanager
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We love you @SusanCingari. You have always been more than kind and amazing to my fighters and me. The extra things you have sent us and helped us with haven't gone unnoticed ❤️ @jalmaspano @theruggedbeauty @nadjabkfc Whatever you need we are always here ❤️ 🙏 #bkmfamily
Jeff Mayweather
Jeff Mayweather@JeffMayweather1
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It was an honor to meet you... very knowledgeable when we talked about boxing....
JC Wilfork
JC Wilfork@JCWilfork
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@SusanCingari Thank you for coming last night dear. You did a great job as always. My pick above any when it comes to doing what you do.
Jessica • Jag+) •Aguilar
Jessica • Jag+) •Aguilar@jagatt
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Always fun thank you @SusanCingari
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Thank You @SusanCingari for the EXCELLENT @PatWalshMMA interview we just posted on ...I really liked your King Mo interview! Jeff Mayweather is a real cool guy! I WILL talk soon! Keep up the great job you’re doing!
AL Capone
AL Capone@AL_Capone_MMA
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Hey your account and journalism kick ass!
Jay T Tropix
Jay T Tropix@JayTWarsh
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@SusanCingari - thank you 6 for always being Great to @titoortiz
Mike Messer
Mike Messer@themindofreyrey
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@SusanCingari Look at this beautiful #MMA interviewer. 💋
Michael Messer
Michael Messer@mmesser30
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I really appreciate your responsiveness and your polite interaction. By far better than the media I've associated w/😆 ... Thx u again!”
Bobby Rizz @The_Rizzer
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I really appreciate your responsiveness and your polite interaction. By far better than the media I've associated w/😆 ... Thx u again!”
Roxanne Modafferi
Roxanne Modafferi@Roxyfighter
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“Fantastic interview, thanks Susan, talking about my upcoming fight, with training footage!”
Joey Beltran
Joey Beltran @mexicutioner760
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Super awesome job by @SusanCingari on this little piece of my history and where I plan on going in the future!
Des Woodruff@DesWoodruff
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Susan is a helpful and talented resource for relevant combat sports news....
Coach Kavanagh
Coach Kavanagh@John_Kavanagh
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I used to think it was just taxes and death we were guaranteed in life. Now I can add a retweet from @SusanCingari to that list.
London init geezer@Miketyson2007
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Fav Male Fighter @TheNotoriousMMA @PaulSemtexDaley, Fav Female Fighter @joannamma @AspenLaddMMA, Fav Male MMA Follower @FightDisciples, Fav Female MMA Follower @SusanCingari, Fav MMA Ref @marcgoddard_uk
Julian Lane
Julian Lane@JulianLaneMMA
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Thanks @Susancingari for the awesome interview on my upcoming @bareknuklefc fight...